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The Watch Cap Spectrum

The watch cap is known by many names. It can trace its roots to the 12th century, but has evolved into the modern day "tuque," which is the hat's moniker in the Great White North. Traditionally made out of wool, and made famous by characters like Jack Nicholson (right) in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," the tight-fitting knit cap guarantees two things: a warm head and hat hair. Here are a few of the season's best in a range of prices. - Jian DeLeon


Columbiaknit, $4

Made of 100% pre-washed cotton and available in a variety of colors, this knit hat is so affordable that you may want to stock up.

Commonwealth, $24

The East Coast retailer has stepped up their game, into more mature offerings like this marled pattern, available in a variety of colors.

J.Crew, $48

Recasting a classic in luxurious cashmere, Frank Muytjens created a winter staple that feels as good as it looks. And it's a lot less itchy too.

Alexander Wang, $69

Known for his casual, comfortable designs, this wool-blend cap from the designer's T line is no exception: it perfectly captures his elevated off-duty look.

Mister Freedom, $140

An example of Mister Freedom's long-appreciated attention to detail: 100% worsted wool with a hand-painted stencil and stamped label.


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