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Winter Lids

We've received a handful of questions from gents looking for headgear to brave the bone chilling cold, whipping winds and falling snow as winter rages on. Of course, there are plenty of options out there, but we'd recommend keeping things classic and keeping them wool. That way you can have one really warm cap to pull on, no matter what you're wearing or where you're going.

  • The false rumor that "you lose 40% of your body's heat from your head" was traced back to a 1970s US Army manual.

$18 at Urban Outfitters

A lightweight non-wool option, in 7 Crayola colors, you can wear tight and rolled, or loose off the back of your head.

$36 by J.Press

A heavier cap, like this chunky cable knit option, that provides significant warmth while still looking dapper.

$57.50 by Filson

Made popular by guys like Elmer Fudd, this cap is made with heavy-duty virgin wool with sheepskin earflaps.

$59 at Orvis

Like a hunter's cap with a slimmer profile and narrow earflaps. The design adapted by an old baseball cap.

$30 by L.L. Bean

Cut from soft melton wool, this streamlined hat resides somewhere between a baseball cap and a beanie.

$95 by Wigens

A flat cap, traditionally cut from tweed, that's been popularized by gents on the golf course and in the car.


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