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  • Matsuda's first Yuketen design was based on an American hunting boot from the 1930s.

Rebel Prep

When we first laid eyes on Yuketen's brass stud loafer months ago, we thought we'd never be able to wait until they hit stores. Designed by Yuketen's Yuki Matsuda, who has been paying homage to classic American craftsmanship since 1985, they're as simple as they are stylish. Quirky, yes, but not overly cute. They're the kind of shoes Alex P. Keatonwould wear to kick some ass. Studs, we've been told, were first used to embellish tack in the equestrian industry and then later adopted by punk subcultures in the early 70s to convey a certain toughness. Matsuda confesses that the idea came to him as a rebellious tongue-in-cheek reaction to the recent return of prep school staples. We're a big fan of stylistic contradictions. Especially when they're this good looking and well-made. No, they're not cheap. But think of it this way. The all-vegetable tanned leather, the hard-wearing soles, the Made-in-America moniker. That's the quality that you're paying for. The attitude and style? That's just a bonus.

$430, at Opening Ceremony


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