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Coat Week
From military-inspired details to performance-minded materials, the best coats are the timeless designs that are adaptable, functional and warm.

The Field Jacket

It's the chosen coat of Hollywood badasses like Travis Bickle and Serpico, but the M-65 field jacket began as a standard issue uniform for US soldiers in 1965. The mid-weight jacket replaced the earlier M51 during the Vietnam War and with its stand-up collar, oversized zippers and utilitarian pockets, slowly emerged as an icon of both American and military style. Originally introduced in "olive green shade 107," it's now offered in a dozen military fabrics, along with luxe fabrications like Boss Black's wool tweed or technical materials like Aether's waterproof cotton, originally developed for British pilots. Wear one a size smaller than you may be used to so it fits snug against your sweater or blazer (perhaps layered over an oxford shirt and a tweed vest). Of course, that doesn't mean it's not the perfect piece of outerwear whether you're snowboarding or simply kicking around the city.


Many M-65s can be combined with a button-in insulated lining for colder weather.

Herringbone wool,
$595 by Boss Black

Waterproof military jacket,
$475 by Aether

Surplus M-65,
$66 at Army Universe

Field jacket,
$950 by Ian Velardi

Camo field coat,
$125 by Alpha Industies








Coat Week


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