of Valet.
  • Hush Puppies' rubber soles were credited with saving the life of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards when he accidentally touched an ungrounded microphone wire at a 1965 concert.

Reminisce loafer in grey and navy, $89.95

Lightweight Loafers

To bravely go without socks in the summer is to be okay with the prospect of destroying your shoes. Some of us aren't there yet. Thankfully, there are some affordable footwear options out there which allow you to wear handsome, comfortable shoes during sockless season and not break down in tears if they don't make it until next summer. Case in point: these suede loafers from, wait for it, Hush Puppies. Yes, the favorite footwear choice of fathers (and grandfathers) has a few slip-ons you may be interested in. The company, founded in 1958, has updated some of the archival designs with a leaner toe and an ultra-light leather-lined footbed for comfort. The Nicholson model even has a moisture-wicking mesh fabric lining. Featherweight and affordable, consider the shoes an alternative to wearing flip flops anywhere but near the pool.

(Keith Richards photo: Neal Preston, keithrichards.com)