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The Bold Ties of Summer

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The Tie Bar

A lot of us aren't required to wear a tie. It's a conscious decision. A way to sartorially separate us from those not willing to make the effort. They're a great way to add some color or texture to your wardrobe, but even those who love wearing ties can get stuck in a neckwear rut. Consider this your seasonal neckwear checklist.


One of the quintessential warm weather ties, they have a casual cool vibe that pairs well with a summer wardrobe. This season, the Tie Bar made some lightweight silk styles in a range of shades with complementary colored tips—not unlike the popular bright soled shoes we've been seeing lately. Some even have polka dots and zig-zags.

Knit ties, $15; Dyed copper tie bars, $15; all by The Tie Bar


Floral is the pattern of the moment. But if a shirt is too much, simply knot up a tie (and roll up your sleeves for a tougher look).

1) Cotton ties, $15 by The Tie Bar; 2) Silk tie, $99 by Club Monaco;
3) Silk/cotton blend, $70 by Barneys Co-Op


A timeless summer favorite reimagined in new materials, finishes and cuts.

1) Seersucker, $15 by The Tie Bar; 2) Distressed, $65 by Brooks Brothers; 3) Bermuda plaid, $60 by J.Crew


From Navajo and ikat fabrics to African and Moroccan motifs, these offer a surefire way to punch up a plain button-down shirt.

1) David Hart, $130; 2) The Hill Side, $83; 3) Petronius, $175;
4) Woolrich Woolen Mills, $98