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Bow Tie Season

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The Tie Bar

You've probably noticed, but bow ties are back in a big way. No longer relegated to Southern lawyers or the fringes of fashion, they're both nostalgic and new. And if you haven't tied one on yet, now's the perfect time to give it a go. Slightly askew and imperfect, the bow tie says as much about your sense of style as it does about your sense of humor. They're less formal than a standard neck tie, which makes the warmer months the perfect time to sport them.

Reversible silk bow ties by The Tie Bar. This season's best-seller for the Chicago-based brand and it's not hard to see why. With more than three dozen different colors and patterns, you get two complementary styles for one affordable price.

Trad stripe
and paisley
, $15

Orange and blue
, $15

Zenith input,

Other Options

O'Meara linen,
$62 by Pierrepont Hicks

Embroidered silk,
$95 by Billy Reid

Japanese Indigo,
$100 by David Hart

Madras (pre-tied),
$30 by 1901

How to wear it

Don't worry about a perfect knot. The slightly rumpled, asymmetrical bow makes it personal and shows you've tied it yourself. Ditch the blazer and wear it with a cardigan or denim jacket or simply roll up your sleeves.

Madras bow tie, $50; oxford shirt, $65 and linen cardigan, $148; all by Rugby

How to tie it

Designer David Hart shows you how to master the bow's knot.