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$90, by Noah Lambert

    Bridle leather is stiff at first, but softens and breaks in like a good pair of jeans. This shows the difference in thickness and color between a new wallet (on the bottom) and one that's been carried for six months (top).

A man's wallet should be handsome. It should be made from quality materials and be able to stand the test of time. And lastly, it should be able to hold all the cash and cards you need to have on hand at any given moment. Leather craftsman Noah Lambert addresses all these concerns in his cleverly designed uni-fold wallet. Crafted from a single piece of vegetable tanned bridle leather, the wallets are saddle stitched by hand using a beeswax-treated Barbour thread for a seam twice as durable as the common lockstitch. "It's such a simple thing, but very difficult to get right," says Lambert of the billfold, which took nearly a year to develop. "It was refined through dozens and dozens of iterations and I've actually only recently stopped making changes to the design." Like an Apple laptop, the result is a study in simplicity and purity—elegantly designed and structurally secure with minimal branding. What's more, the size is compact but engineered to comfortably hold your cards and cash. Our test model could easily fit six plastic cards, a wad of cash and ten business cards.