of Valet.

$475, by Aether


$390, by Gant Rugger


$144, by Alpha Industries


$65, by Army Universe

Enduring Classic

The M-65 Jacket

The M-65 field jacket was named after 1965, the year it was introduced as standard issue for American soldiers. It replaced the earlier M-51 jacket and with its stand-up collar, oversized zippers and utilitarian pockets, it slowly emerged as an icon of masculine style—worn by everyone from Hollywood tough guys to your favorite street style photographers. The reason being is that it adapts to nearly any style or situation and, well, all those pockets come in handy. The key is finding the right fit and finish. Surplus versions (like Alpha Industries and Army Universe, below) will run a bit large, so size down. And if you're looking for more modern interpretations, check out Aether's technically superior version—cut from a lightweight but densely woven fabric that feels like regular cotton but is more insulating and completely water resistant. Or Gant Rugger's slimmed down take on a vintage field jacket, with the addition of a lightweight floral lining.

    Many M-65s can be combined with a button-in insulated lining for colder weather.