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A Good Idea

Pocket Squares

It's a perfectly imperfect finish to those Italian-influenced unstructured jackets that in-the-know guys are sporting (and that you'll be seeing much more of this year): a frayed pocket square. Stylish Southern shopkeep Sid Mashburn introduced us to the concept. "I've always appreciated the fringe thing—in my ties or jeans—it takes a bit of the fussiness away," he tells us. "We don't like to make big statements with our clothes, so it's a way to make a small, maybe more nuanced statement." His are made in Italy from crisp cotton ginghams and oxford cloth, striking the ideal balance between dressed up and relaxed. But, if you're feeling crafty, you've likely got a square at home you could experiment with, like we did by cutting the border off this old bandana (below). As for how to pull them off, we'll end on a tip from Mr. Mashburn. "Personally, I prefer the solids when wearing a tie, and the patterns with a solid tie or no tie at all."

  • DIY: Trim off the edges, just past the stitching and then rub to loosen the threads.

How to Fold 'Em

Master the only two folds you'll ever need to know.

Gingham pocket square, $55
Oxford cloth pocket square, $55