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Located in Boston's Back Bay, Ball and Buck is a men's shop that dubs itself as "the quintessential destination for hunting inspired, American made products." So their latest collaboration with New Balance is right up their alley. Starting with the classic American made US574 model sneaker, they integrated subtle touches of signature duck cloth camo along with safety orange for a rugged take on a classic shoe. The manly kicks will debut at Ball and Buck's brick-and-mortar store on Thursday and hit the web shop the following day—available in limited quantities, the shoes come in a vintage .50 caliber ammo box with a hand-stamped numbered brass plate. We caught up with Ball and Buck's founder Mark Bollman to find out a little more.

    One out of every four sneakers New Balance sells in the US are made in America.
Have you always been a New Balance fan, personally?

As a product of the Atlanta school system, the all-grey New Balances were as common as post-football dip sessions on the bank of the Chattahoochee. Come to think of it, I can't remember owning any other brand of athletic shoes. That, combined with the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and commitment to American manufacturing make it difficult to not be a fan of our Boston neighbors.

So how'd this come about?

New Balance is one of the few athletic brands that have achieved iconic status with their product line. We reached out, expressing the alignment of our values and belief that this project would be the perfect way to build a partnership combining the best of both companies. Excited by the prospects, we wanted to start by taking on the iconic 574 silhouette and it's safe to say that we're both quite proud of how it turned out.

We've got a feeling that the initial run will go fast.
Are there hopes for future collaborations?

Although I can't talk to specifics, we are already discussing where our partnership is going to take us next. If you like how this one came out, stay tuned, this is just the beginning...

$148, available on 9/28 at Ball and Buck