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Spring Layers

Spring days are, at best, unpredictable. And at worst, schizophrenic. Crisp mornings, followed by warm sunny days and cool evenings, with a near constant chance of a little rain or wind. Which is why you want clothes that you can pile on when it's chilly and easily peel off once the weather warms up. Like a lightweight cardigan, a denim jacket or these suggestions below.

Field Vests

These practical vests offer plenty of storage and add some rugged cool to more dressed-up pieces like blazers, sweaters or trench coats.

Apolis, $178; Pefecto by Schott, $215

Cotton Bomber

A tailored alternative to your average windbreaker, these military-inspired jackets are easy to throw on over a shirt and tie (or ball up in a bag).

Club Monaco, $169; Burkman Bros., $210

Short Sleeve Sweats

A retro sweatshirt without all the extra weight (or sleeves), ideal for pulling over a button-down or under a jacket. And sure, the Steve McQueen undertones don't hurt.

L.L. Bean Signature, $69

  • A Layering Primer: Begin with a light undershirt, add a top shirt, then build up. Add a vest or a cardigan and finish with some weather-resistant outerwear. That way, nothing is too bulky and the progression makes sense.