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This silky fair-trade cotton shirt's uneven color was created by using natural root extracts, which means it will wear in and start to fade like your favorite pair of jeans.

J.Crew, $63

A Better T-Shirt

Funny thing about T-shirts: they're so simple, so basic and ubiquitous that you'd think that they're all essentially the same right? Wrong. You don't have to know the intricate in's and out's of ring-spun combed jersey and 20's-singles yarn or the laborious washes to appreciate a better-made crew neck. A really good tee with a spot-on fit not only has the ability to make you look cooler, but they actually feel better. Like a lot better. It's the difference between getting the job done and doing your job well. When it comes right down to it, every man needs some T-shirts. Whether you opt for high-end versions or not, they're an essential piece of your wardrobe. And while it's hard to mentally justify a version that costs two to three times more than you're used to paying, when you pull on a quality T-shirt, you'll feel the difference. And get a helluva lot of wear out it. Herewith, the very best we've worn after a lengthy review.

Standard Issue

Inspired by surplus styles, these are made in America with a slender band collar and are cut shorter, to hit right at the hip's sweet spot. And they're also available in bundles of three.

Apolis, $38

Retro Striped

Cut from a hearty jersey that's been aggressively washed and hand-sewn in Los Angeles with a relaxed fit, this bold striped pocket tee has a genuinely old school feel.

M.Nii, $75

I can see a guy in the pair of the right jeans and a great T-shirt and I am never, ever bored.
- Unis designer Eunice Lee
Slub Cotton

Cut from a substantial slub cotton in marled grey, this was meticulously recreated from an 1950's archival pattern, and has short cap sleeves and a wide, ribbed collar.

Levi's Vintage Clothing, $88


The sun-faded cerulean color and worn-out feel of this soft shirt is due to an enzyme wash and garment dying process that results in a comfortable tee that feels lovingly lived in.

Polo Ralph Lauren, $45

    Get Rough: Don't be afraid to yank at the hems or collars to stretch out your T-shirt a bit before wearing. That's what stylists do for magazine and catalog shoots to get that slinky, relaxed look. Simply toss it in the washer to reset the shape.








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