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Men's watches are traditionally treated as patriarchal heirlooms—a sentiment typified in the famous tagline, "You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation." Sure, but say you lack the patience and the $30,000 required to follow through on the Patek promise. Perhaps you want a different watch for every occasion of your day-to-day life but don't have a whole lot to spend. Don't waste your money on expendable trend pieces when you can score well-crafted timepieces with heirloom looks that won't require dipping into your 401K. From your everyday office trooper to an elegant black tie stunner, the following options will keep your wrist strapped to match all hours of your life.

Off Duty

With an interchangeable NATO strap, this ultra-slim rose gold case surrounds a simple face that's at once classic and modern.

$195 by Daniel Wellington

At Work

This hardwearing self-winding stainless steel submariner isn't flashy, but the handsome style works in any workplace environment.

$340 by
Military Watch Co.


Slightly larger than your standard dress watch, this automatic timepiece, with dauphine hands and a croc-embossed strap, is made to peek out of sleeves.

$260 by Orient

At the Gym

A lightweight yet durable rubber-strapped watch that offers real-time training information like your heart rate and full performance analysis.

$199 by Suunto

    How water resistant is it? Watches rated for 300m are suitable for all aquatic activities except saturation diving (which requires a helium escape valve to prevent the crystal from breaking under pressure). Surfing, swimming or showering in your diver is just fine.