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Carrera, $102

Designed especially for bike racers, these slick shades fit close to the temple and slip easily under a helmet.

In 1973 the trade of tortoiseshell was banned worldwide, due to the alarming drop in the population of the Hawksbill tortoise.

All-Season Sunglasses

Fall weather is rolling in, and while the long days of heavy heat and high suns are behind us, that's no reason to leave your eyes exposed to the harshness of everyday life. If the eyes are the window to the soul, keep yours well protected from a world full of dust, UV rays and gruesome hangovers—no matter the season. Since just about every style-conscience kid on the block has a pair of Ray-Bans or Persols, we opted for the latest crop of shades from smaller, boutique makers. These modern revivals of more traditional shapes are all offered in tortoiseshell—an ideal colorway for fall and one that complements most men's faces.

Raen, $280

A modern take on old Hollywood style. Plus, your Rx lenses can be fitted behind the sun clips.

Sunpocket, $103

These lightweight and durable frames fold up and feature scratch-proof lenses.

Matsuda, $525

Made in Japan with lacquered titanium temples, these work well with most any face structure.

Shuron, $295

Sharp yet chunky, these frames are crafted in America with polarized blue mirror lenses.