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Ahead of the Pack

We've taught you how to pack a suit before, but if you want a jacket that can withstand the rigors of flying coach or getting stuffed into a duffle bag, along with a week of heavy wear at your travel destination, check out this packable soft-shoulder blazer from Brooks Brothers. Tailored from a surprisingly comfortable and breathable nylon fabric,  the hardwearing jacket has a relaxed, unstructured fit and feel but a light quilted lining allows it to keep its shape and prevents it from looking too sloppy. What's more, the technical fabric helps repel precipitation (or spills caused by turbulence). A hidden zippered compartment inside one of the flap pockets ensures your valuables are safe and sound, but best of all is the handy envelope that the jacket packs away into when not being worn. Is this the only blazer you should own? Probably not. Is it the jacket you want to wear to a job interview? Of course not. But is it a jacket that can take nearly anything you throw at it? One that can you wear on the plane and then straight to dinner from the airport? You bet.

$298, by Brooks Brothers

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