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Seasonal Shirts

It may not be hot out just yet, but as the weather starts shifting towards warmer, sunnier days, you tend to start thinking about the relaxed attitudes the spring/summer season brings. And nothing quite personifies that feeling than a seersucker shirt. Crafted from featherweight cotton, the fabric's unique feel is created by a technique called slack-weaving which creates alternating tight and puckered stripes. The crinkles also make ironing unnecessary. "It's a classic fabrication and every year, it gets updated and slightly reinterpreted for the time period that we're in," says Unionmade's Todd Barket. "A shirt like this is an easy way for a guy to add some pattern and texture into his wardrobe in the warm months." Unfussy, unstructured and easy to wear, the shirts feel as cool as they look. What's more, the precision tailoring and luxe finishes make them easy to dress up with a knit tie and a cotton blazer.  Of course, when things really heat up, you'll simply keep the top two buttons undone and roll up the sleeves.

From the left:

Aspesi, $110 and Jack Spade, $165