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Gifts That Really Deliver

There's always one person on your list that's nearly impossible to shop for—either they want for nothing or simply don't drop any helpful hints. In these cases, even the best gift guides will do little to help you. What these people require is a service-based gift. After all, who would turn their nose up at regular house-cleaning or a monthly drop of great food or grooming products? After all, it's the gift that keeps giving the whole year.


Artisanal Edibles

Ideal for the adventurous food lover, this handsome wooden crate arrives each month with new discoveries from the artisanal food scene along with a manual full of thoughts, recipes and tips on what to do with each item. Most crates come stocked with five to six full size products from specialty American producers that you'd never be able to find at the average grocery store.

From $75, by Mantry


A Cleaning Service

Like giving a gym membership, you want to ensure that you're not implying that they need this. But who wouldn't appreciate a team of professionals armed to take on household dirt and the daily debris while he or she is at work or otherwise enjoying themselves not cleaning? Request a quote online or simply give a set amount—and these trustworthy maids can determine how much they clean on your dime.

Available at Merry Maids


Salami of the Month

What's manlier than a receiving a box of cured meat each month? Olympic Provisions of Portland Oregon makes a dozen different dry-cured salamis from all-natural northwest pork using traditional, old world techniques. Exactly one for each month. The object of your meaty affection receives a welcome letter letting them know they are now a part of the club along with a schedule of what's coming.

$140 for a year by Olympic Provisions


Grooming Products

For those who relish in grooming products (or could use some help in finding new items), Birchboxes are stocked with four to five deluxe sized samples of both up-and-coming and tried-and-true brands like Kiehl's and Baxter of California along with lifestyle goods from the likes of Field Notes, Men in Cities and Happy Socks.

From $16/month, by Birchbox


Monthly Flowers

Each month, when a bouquet is delivered fresh from the grower, your loved one will be reminded of your generosity and thoughtfulness. The fact that every bloom is certified organic, sustainable and farmed under fair-trade practices is an added bonus. Speaking of which, the first bouquet comes with an elegant clear glass vase.

From $140, by Organic Bouquet


Craft Coffee

Known as the premier coffee club, they send out three four-ounce samples of premium coffee by small batch roasters from around the country—enough for 42 cups of quality brew—each month. And every box comes with custom tasting notes and expert brew tips. Choose whole beans or from a variety of grinds for almost any type of brew method.

From $20/month by Craft Coffee