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Slim Belts

It makes sense when you think about it. Why would you wear a wide, chunky belt with your slim denim, tailored suiting or trim chinos? Today's skinny belts, measuring no wider than an inch, are proportional to other accessories like ties and shoes that look better when they're a little leaner. The tricky part is finding ones that don't look too dainty. You're going for more of a relaxed, vintage look—which is why it's better to buy a thin belt one size larger than you'd normally wear and let the tip hang casually for an air of old school insouciance.


One of their best sellers, this American-made belt is 3/4" wide with a long nickel-plated buckle and hand-burnished edges.

ASOS, $21

This one-inch wide belt is cut from leather that's been washed and distressed for a vintage look, and finished with a roller buckle.

J.Crew, $55

A fresh take on the classic braided leather belt, this 7/8" version comes with a horseshoe-shaped golden zinc buckle.


Just under an inch wide, this suede belt has brass D-ring buckles and is finished with raw edges that will wear well over time.

    Belt ≠ Shoes: Contrary to what ill-informed store salesmen will tell you, your shoes and belt don't need to match exactly.
    You really don't want to look like you actually matched them, but keeping them in the same color scheme is a good idea.