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Dual time zone, $528

    The first Jack Spade store sold Timex military watches when it first opened in SoHo in 1999.
The Launch

Jack Spade Watches

Jack Spade is brand with two faces. For as much as they're known for utilitarian design and hard-wearing construction, the label is beloved for their wicked, irreverent sense of humor. It's fitting then, that the company's new collection of timepieces toes the line between those two ideas perfectly. "We're a team of watch fanatics, so it felt like a natural next step," explains Cuan Hanly, Jack Spade's brand director and vice president. "We picked two aesthetic directions for the watches—one which is more elevated and influenced by military and early '70s sports watches. The other is our graphic entry-level watches, which allow us to have fun with colors and patterns."

Pillow tank, $378

Graphic watch, $98

The elevated styles, which include a handsomely retro pillow tank style, boast Swiss movements and sapphire crystals. And a sharp looking dual time zone model showcases a movement developed specifically for Jack Spade, which can tell an alternative time zone with its fourth sweep hand. As for the entry-level options, think simple plastic styles (like old school Swatches) in patterns ranging from rep stripes to camo that feature a Japanese quartz movement. And in typical Jack Spade humor, they announce right on the dial that they have "no jewels" and are "not Swiss" made.

The collection ranges from $98 to $528, and will be available March 7th at Jack Spade