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Gingham Shirt

Some items become classics simply because they've got some history, while others, like a gingham shirt, attain the status simply because they work so well on everyone. Young and old, traditional or trendy—no matter your personal style, this two-tone check shirt projects that you're a man who appreciates a subtly of style. There's something comforting about a shirt that can be worn with nearly anything—whether slightly rumpled straight from the wash with your jeans or chinos; or pressed and worn with some wool trousers or an unlined blazer. It's appropriate anytime of year, but looks particularly cool and crisp during the coming months of sunshine. And one of the best buys we've found is at Uniqlo. Tailored for a trim, modern fit with a narrowed collar and placket, their gingham is cut from an extra fine cotton broadcloth which gets softer with each wash. What's more, at this price you can stock up on multiple colors.

    The perfect accompaniment to a gingham shirt?
    A classic silk knit tie.