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Despite the contemporary convenience of consulting your phone every time you want to know the time, it is an immutable men's custom to wear a proper wristwatch. The trouble often lies in selecting a quality timepiece that's highly functional and reliable, yet doesn't succumb to trendy clichés that'll banish the thing to the bottom of your valet box by next year. In the spirit of stylish functionality, this summer you can even wear a different watch to suit every setting of your everyday life. These affordable options will ensure that you're never late and with a look that's never out of place.


Off Duty

Stockholm-based TRIWA's simple Scandinavian chronograph is a handsome high-contrast navy blue and gold number that demands attention without overpowering your weekend ensemble.

$350 by Triwa

At the Office

The Milanese mesh
strap of this elegant chronograph suggests prices multiple magnitudes greater at the accessible price and quality that the Swiss watchmaker has staked its claim on for decades.

$185 by Swatch



Junkers was originally an aircraft manufacturer responsible for some of the world's most innovative planes, and that level of craftsmanship pervades their slightly more modest creation of quartz timepieces that are still made in Germany.

$385 by Junkers

In the Water

Track your progress in the pool with this simple watch that offers relevant performance data without messing up your stroke.

$150 by Garmin

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