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Winter Survival Essentials

The weathermen of the world have spoken, and this winter is on track for being one of the coldest and meanest to date. Unless you pack up your belongings and head somewhere more hospitable, you'll be dealing with the full brute of the weather, so it's best you prep for the polar conditions now. Protect yourself and your style by investing in some quality layers and tools designed to maintain your body heat and keep out the cold.

Gant Rugger waxed puffer jacket,
$595 / $375


Thermal Undershirt

You don't need a thick, waffle-knit shirt bunching up under your sweater or dress shirt. These lightweight T-shirts keep your core warm by retaining body heat along with wicking away any moisture. Plus, they're anti-static for an added bonus.

$12.90 by Uniqlo


Base Layer Pants

Long underwear may remind you of camping or holiday ski trips, but an ultra thin pair like these from Terramar can easily be worn under any pair of pants without being bulky. And better ones, like these, are made from temperature regulating fabric so they can stay on at the office without feeling swampy.

$44.99 by Terramar


Waterproof Boots

If your feet get cold and wet, the rest of your body will soon be following suit. These boots protect your toes and look pretty damn cool, too.

$195.95 by Swims


Heavy Duty Socks

Like stashing tiny individual heaters in your shoes, these durable outdoor performance socks are built to keep your feet dry and warm. They're knit from a soft merino wool blend with additional elastic yarn for a snug, stay-put fit. And unlike some thicker options, the open mesh knitting allows feet to breathe and reduces overheating.

$18 by Danner


Outdoor adventurers suggest getting warm before you go outside. This will greatly improve your ability to remain warm throughout the day—be it a hike or just walking to work or class.


Smartphone Gloves

Your phone starts angrily buzzing in your pocket. You are faced with a choice: let it go to voicemail or unsheathe your fingers to answer the call and brave the bitter elements. Thankfully, these stylish and nimble leather gloves from J.Crew are cashmere lined for added warmth and allow you to answer that call while keeping them on.

$98 by J.Crew


Hand Warmer

The old school handwarmer, which comes in a little fabric pouch and lasts a few hours, is fine. But this is its beefed up brother. The modern, murdered out gadget gives off serious, all-consuming heat for more than 12 hours and easily slips into any pocket.

$15.44 at Amazon