Bundle up with all the sweaters, pea coats and knit caps you want. When it comes to battling the winter elements, a quality pair of leather gloves is the one item you'll be wishing you'd bought two months ago. Cold weather has a propensity to numb our hands quicker than any other body part. While knit gloves provide ample dexterity, their woven construction leaves a lot of room for icy air to seep in and render them useless. Thermal insulated ski gloves provide a borderline unnecessary amount of warmth, and God forbid you try to hold a coffee with them. That's where leather steps in. A cashmere or wool-lined pair of leather gloves falls into the happy medium of warmth, aesthetics and maneuverability. And since they're durable enough to last you, don't be afraid to drop some decent coin on them. Herewith, some of the best options for your money.