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The New
Linen Shirt

For years, linen shirts were something of a sartorial paradox. Lightweight and breathable, they were meant to offer a way to dress well during warmer weather. But more times than not, the fabric was a bit too sheer to wear anywhere but the beach and the fit was often baggy and unflattering. What you want is a featherweight shirt that looks and feels cool. And thankfully, there are a handful of styles out there right now that fit the bill. Unlike the ones your dad used to wear, today's best linen shirts will fit and feel just like the cotton button-downs you wear everyday. Washed, relaxed and just slightly rumpled, they're ideal for off-duty but also smart enough to sport under a jacket. Look for rich shades of blue that easily pair with everything from chinos and shorts to denim of all colors. Just think of them as chambray's cooler cousin.

    Linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before it feels damp, and easily releases moisture to the air to remain cool and dry to the touch.

Club Monaco, $99


Beams +, $170


Polo Ralph Lauren, $125


J.Crew, $90

How to Wash It

Because it can be delicate, wash in the gentle cycle with cool to warm water. Tumble dry and don't sweat the wrinkles. But if you want wrinkle-free, iron while it's still damp.