ASOS, $23

(shown with neoprene bomber jacket, $114)




Reverse Layer

You've probably seen the look; the longer shirt peaking out at the waist, serving as the key base for additional, shorter top layers. Call it what you want, reverse layering, the long silhouette, the tall tee. One thing's for certain, it's a trend that's crossed many new lines, street style shots and look books, from John Elliott's highly sought after Mercer tees to A.P.C.'s collaboration with Kanye West and the infamous "Hip Hop Tee."

The inspirations for this refined streetwear look have origins in music, from grunge to hip-hop, and perhaps even women's wear. For example, J.Crew makes a fool proof layering option for women, complete with a longer shirt sewn into a shorter sweater. While we'd never recommend seeking out a menswear equivalent, you can pull off this look without looking like a teenager in your dad's hand me down. A general rule of thumb: start with a tee and make sure the hem stops three to six inches past your top layer. Any more than that and you're getting into an awkward territory. Pair it with everything from a fitted sweater and a bomber jacket to a denim or flannel shirt.

Zanerobe, $39

Get Rough

Don't be afraid to yank at the hems or collars to stretch out your T-shirt a bit before wearing. That's what stylists do for magazine and catalog shoots to get that slinky, relaxed look. Simply toss it in the washer to reset
the shape.