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The Shorts Fix

No matter where you live, it's likely that the heat has you ready to start showing some leg. Shorts have long been a summer essential but you want to find the right pair. For a lot of guys, this one simple garment can be a real style killer. So much so, that some guys refuse to wear them. So we've tackled three of the most common mistakes when it comes to shorts. Just a few simple summer don'ts and how to do them right. Oh, and one don't you want to abide by: Don't spend a lot on your shorts. We aimed for under $100 with our recommendations here.

Poler proves you don't have to choose between shorts and swim trunks anymore.

Unflattering Length

There's definitely a sweet spot to aim for: about an inch or so above the knee. How far you sway north or south of that line is a matter of taste. Keep in mind, if you're under 5' 9" or have thicker legs, shorter inseams will make you look longer and leaner. Taller gents or those with thinner legs should opt for shorts with hems that hit closer to the knee.







Wrong Fabric

One of the best things about shorts is their versatility. You can wear them on a sunny summer day that could take you from lunch in the city to a ballgame in the park to an afternoon hanging by the pool. Don't get left out of the fun. Pick up a pair of hybrid shorts that are quick-drying and can sub-in for swim trunks or workout shorts.

Billabong, $55

Poler, $70

Too Busy

Printed shorts are definitely having a moment these days. But bold, wild prints like tropical florals can be distracting, not to mention limit your choices for what to pair with them day in and day out. Instead, opt for darker colors with such subtle patterns as simple stripes or subdued micro-prints like these.

1670 HBC, $59


J.Crew, $70

    DIY: Recycle a pair of old pants and make your own shorts by cutting them off to the perfect length and fraying the edges.