Face it, we all wear our favorite jeans a little too much. Give them a break and embrace the ruggedness of fall with some cargos. Now, hear us out: We know the reputation the pants have with most men. They were uncool for so long, that it's hard for some to come onboard. But like so many things in fashion, what was once tragically unhip has been reimagined by savvy brands into something desirable. In fact, some of the menswear early adopters say they've already moved on. But that's the thing about classically masculine pieces like this—they never really go away. You just have to find the right ones in order to look like a boss. The best versions mix the sharp tailoring of the military with comfortable, easygoing vibes. And now they come in a range of options—relaxed, washed styles, sweats, even streamlined work-ready pairs—so take your pick.