Softer and slightly more slouchy than your standard darker denim, this is your go-to off duty pair of jeans. They may or may not have some holes—that's more of a personal choice. Wear them with a T-shirt and a leather jacket, a simple hoodie or let them give your blazer and dress shoes a rebellious shot of cool.

Club Monaco, $149.50

The Fool-Proof

Denim Lineup

They're the cornerstone of your wardrobe—the pants you wear more than any other pair. Make sure you're not in a denim rut by updating your jeans, especially if you're down to only one or two pairs. Herewith, a cheat sheet for the four types of denim out of which every guy could get a lot of wear.



Your dark denim doesn't need to be selvedge, but it should be of a good, raw quality. Thicker, darker and yes, a little stiffer than your regular washed denim, this is the pair that looks appropriate in all occasions and will wear and form to your natural shape, becoming even more personalized with each wearing. These will pair with everything in your closet. Try rolling or cuffing your hem.



Freshen your jeans in between washings with Mr. Black's spray ($13) which neutralizes
odor-causing bacteria and dissolves stains before they sink in.



Black or dark grey denim makes for a cool, contemporary and versatile alternative to your standard blues. It's a sleek, minimalist style that's still relaxed enough to wear with your sweatshirts or denim shirts. Look for slimmer, tapered styles with little to no embellishments. Because the darker shades can be a bit extreme, make sure to pair yours with light-colored neutrals on top.

BLK DNM, $215


J.Crew, $108



You no longer have to wait until summer to rock a pair of white jeans. Of course, like a pair of Vans, they look better when they're not blindingly white. Look for a slightly off-white pair if you're not sure about wearing bright white pants. Pull on a grey sweater and you will look simple yet elegant. Or pair 'em with a plaid shirt and navy blazer for a casual dressed-up-but-down vibe.