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Proper Pants Tailored for Spring

It almost seems too good to be true: well-crafted and sharply tailored clothes, cut from high-end materials for an affordable price. But that was the goal Meyer Dagmy had when he launched Jomers, a direct-to-consumer outfitter offering menswear made in New York, at unbelievable prices. Of course, Dagmy admits that it hasn't been easy, but Jomers is trying to do for menswear what Amazon did for books—offer the same product you'll find at premium brands at a fraction of the cost by slashing their own margins.


"Instead of inflating our prices to maintain a heavy marketing budget, the product and some good word-of-mouth has been doing all the marketing work for us, which keeps our markup to a minimum," says Dagmy. "Unfortunately for us, this isn't what investors are exactly looking for so we're still small and a bit rebellious." But the plan seems to be working. Jomers' past collections have all sold out almost immediately.

Today sees the launch of the spring 2015 collection, featuring seasonal fabrics from some of the world's best mills. There's garment dyed Japanese twill, Italian herringbones and crisp English poplins. Or my personal favorite: the ripstop fabric. Lightweight and breathable but still plenty durable, the utilitarian cloth makes for a modern alternative to your standard cotton dress pants. From afar, they look like well-tailored navy trousers. But up close, you start to make out the signature ripstop grid, which reads like a subtle, tone-on-tone check. Not to mention, they're incredibly comfortable. The fact that they're less than forty bucks? That's just a bonus.


The Founder's Favorites

We asked Dagmy for the three pairs he'll be getting the most wear out this spring.

Galey & Lord

"The few other brands selling khakis made with this awesome fabric are just outrageously expensive."

Wycoff Dark Khaki

"We imported this from Italy and it's been peached for a buttery soft hand. Really incredible."

Royal Blue

"I love ripstop fabric and this is a playful color that I could probably only pull off during spring."

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