Shore Things

This summer, arm yourself with the ultimate arsenal of gear fit for the beach.
Here are five solid options based on our beach bucket list.


The Hamptons

Standing out isn't really an option when you're on a tiny strip of land on Long Island that, every summer weekend, is home to some of the wealthiest people in the country. But while they'll be decked out in their overpriced Euro-label summer garb, these handmade glass bracelets will attract all of the right attention. Whether it's a backyard pool or one of East Hampton's scenic beaches, they'll hold up to all sorts of water wear. Stack 'em on top of your favorite summer watch for a little extra sprezz.

$40 by
Men in Cities



No. 7 Tanoke, $145 by Odin

If we're being honest, you probably don't want to be the guy everyone notices in Miami. Fortunately, there're more subtle ways to make a statement than an all-white outfit or spiked hair and neck tattoos. That's where New York label Odin's line of colognes saves the day. You'll be a welcomed presence among the pools of Acqua di Gio and various body sprays with a spritz of this stuff. Freshen up after a day of South Beach sunning with a scent with such grown up notes as bitter orange and rosewood.


Don't Forget the Shades

Here at Valet., we've tried on countless pairs—from flimsy eyesores to the sharp shades that make you look like a leading man—to find the best ones to buy right now.


Santa Monica

Card holder, $125
by Lotuff x Wittmore

Accessible, affluent and with over half the population employed in the arts, Santa Monica doesn't disappoint in the culture department. While the rest of LA can hit steamy temperatures upwards of 90 degrees, this seaside city hovers around 75 degrees year-round. So yeah, it's pretty much perfect, which conveniently relates to this ideal cardholder made by Lotuff for LA-based boutique, Wittmore. It only has room for the essentials: a few cards, an ID and a some cash. You may miss the heft of a fold wallet, but the absence will soon be forgotten once you're sipping on your first negroni downtown.


The Caribbean

Whether you're campaigning on the catamaran through the Virgin Islands or posting up on Peter Island with bae, the sun's rays are going to be coming strong. Protect your money maker with a brimmed hat. Nothing says casual beach action like a canvas bucket hat a la Jay-Z in his Big Pimpin' music video. This Gitman bucket provides the necessary design and detail without going full Gilligan.

Bucket hat, $85
by Gitman Bros. Vintage



New England, birthplace of Narragansett Lager and Sam Adams to name a few prominent brewers, consumes its fair share of hops. Much of this consumption takes place on Nantucket, a small island off of the Cape. With its picturesque beaches and sleepy fishing towns, character is abound. Even worse than proclaiming your respect for Derek Jeter though is showing up to the beach unprepared. This J.L. Lawson brass bottle opener fits on a keychain, and is a far cry from the free plastic Señor Frogs one you had throughout college.

Bottle opener, $44.98 by J.L. Lawson