The No-Sweat Pants

Performance-inspired pants that kick any sweatpants ass.

Performance denim brand Dish & Duer is looking to take on the athleisure market with their new sweatpants alternative. They recently launched a revolutionary no-sweat pant using proprietary fabric on Kickstarter. And it seems to be something the people want—with more than two weeks left on the campaign, they've well exceeded their initial $20,000 goal by about a hundred grand.

Created by Gary Lenett, who has worked with the likes of Levi's and Nike, the pants are made from a fabric which is a unique weave of Tencel made from eucalyptus trees. When combined with traditional fabrics like spandex and cotton, it creates a pant that looks like a standard five-pocket pant, but feels like sweatpants. There's some stretch for ease of movement, but they don't stretch out. They're extremely breathable and because the fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, the pants stay fresh longer between washings. For active guys, or for those of us who bike to work, the pants could be a lifesaver.

Back the Project

Pledge $98 to reserve a pair on Kickstarter.

End date:
Saturday, November 28 at 9:09 am PST

The pants are available in three styles: A standard relaxed fit, a slim-fit style and a tapered jogger.