Before being acquired by Converse in the 1970s, Jack Purcell sneakers were made by tire maker B.F. Goodrich.



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First introduced 80 years ago by a badminton world champion, Jack Purcell's namesake sneakers have withstood the test of time thanks to their simple, unimpeachable style. Not to mention cosigns by guys like Steve McQueen and James Dean. But just because the classic kicks looked great with virtually anything, that doesn't mean they were perfect.

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Not content to rest on their laurels, parent company Converse has introduced a modern take on the timeless footwear, dubbed the Jack Purcell Signature, which is more comfortable and durable than the original. From a compact toecap and reinforced no-slip heel, to the lightweight herringbone outsole for improved traction, there's a total of 18 new features on the sneaker. Inside, an all-new ortholite footbed imbedded with Nike Zoom Air technology makes for a supremely cushioned step, and an open weave insole made with soft cotton and perforated leather was built with breathability in mind for a sockless summer. In short, the new Signatures may look a lot like their predecessor, but these are specifically engineered to stand up to long periods of wear.