Founded just over two decades ago, Aquatalia is a luxury footwear brand that merges style and comfort with technology. Armed with an engineering degree and hands-on experience in his family's shoe factory, founder Marvin Krasnow worked side-by-side with Italian manufacturers to craft a luxe line of footwear that's not only good looking, but durable. And that meant engineering them to be weatherproof and stain resistant. During the unique weatherproofing process, which was developed exclusively for Aquatalia, the leather and suede skins are treated with a special sealant that penetrates deep into the fibers, resulting in soft and natural looking leather and suede that's impervious to moisture. The sealant also provides salt and stain resistance. Which means these ruggedly handsome boots below can take anything you throw at them, from long wet walks to a spilled drink. Herewith, four of our favorites for fall.