The Polo Is a Summertime Essential

Your Summer Wardrobe Isn't Complete
Without a Polo (or Two)

It's been 91 years since Rene Lacoste first made his signature polo shirt, a short-sleeve number with a soft ribbed collar he could fold up to block the sun. And nearly a century later, the classic shirt is still an essential piece of any man's warm weather wardrobe. They're the T-shirt's more sturdy, well-dressed cousin. And having a few well-fitting polos—in classic neutrals as well as those colors that always seem to get you compliments—is an effortless way to look at once casually cool and put together. Whether you're wearing it with a pair of shorts and sandals or under a summer-weight suit, there are four styles you should seriously consider owning. Herewith, a few of our favorites.

The White Polo

The White Polo

As seen on Idris Elba

The White Polo

If you've been doing your push-ups, nothing subtly shows off your physique better than a crisp white polo. It's eternally stylish and always looks right.

Uniqlo White Polo

Uniqlo, $19.90 / $14.90

Grayers White Polo

Grayers, $68

The Knit Polo

The Knit Polo

As seen on Alexander Skarsgård

The Knit Polo

These soft styles, knit from cotton, linen or lightweight wool offer a luxe, throwback look. Embrace some color or pattern to play up the texture.

David Hart Knit Polo

David Hart, $345

J.Crew Knit Polo

J.Crew, $75

Fred Perry Knit Polo

Fred Perry, $149

Banana Republic Knit Polo

Banana Republic, $59.50

The Tipped Polo

The Tipped Polo

As seen on Robbie Rogers

The Tipped Polo

The tipped trim on the collars, sleeves and occasional pocket adds an
old school vibe. Button every button for a sleeker, more modern look.

Fred Perry Tipped Polo

Fred Perry, $69

Vilebrequin Tipped Polo

Vilebrequin, $135

J.Crew Tipped Polo

J.Crew, $49.50

Club Monaco Tipped Polo

Club Monaco, $89.50

The Refined Polo

The Refined Polo

As seen on Rami Malek

The Refined Polo

Use a polo in the same shade as your suit to create a monochromatic look
or go for a complementary color as seen here on Rami Malek.

Theory Refined Polo

Theory, $85

Kent Wang Refined Polo

Kent Wang, $65

Bonobos Refined Polo

Bonobos, $78

Billy Reid Refined Polo

Billy Reid, $95 / $59


Get a Polo Shirt Tailored

Hollywood stylists often have polo shirts tailored to ensure the perfect fit for their clients. If you love the shirt but the sleeves are a bit too long or the body could use a little slimming, take it to your tailor. For $10 - $15 you can look like a leading man.