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In just six years, Andrew Chen, along with business partner Johan Lam, has taken 3sixteen from the idea of a graphic T-shirt line to a full menswear label. Known now for their attention to detail, a Made-in-America ethos and collaborations with such companies as Self Edge and Quoddy, it's easy to see why 3sixteen is on the rise.

  • The label's name is taken from the Bible verse, John 3:16.

In this economy, what's more important: quality or price?

Quality's more important in any economy. When I flip through my dad's closet, it's the investment pieces that stand the test of time. Spend money on classic pieces that will hold up, because they look better the more they're worn anyway.

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How's it been transitioning into a full collection over the past few years?

Because Johan and I haven't had any formal training, our education's been by trial and error. We've learned the whole process of creating a garment from start to finish—sourcing fabrics, sampling garments in New York, making all necessary tweaks and then choosing production houses in either New York or LA. While it hasn't been an easy process, we've learned a lot.


What should every guy be sporting this fall?

A pair of raw, unwashed denim is a wardrobe essential. Each pair becomes distinct and can be dressed up or worn casually. Amongst all things that a guy will buy for an autumn wardrobe, a good pair of raw denim will see the most usage.


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