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Carl Goldberg has been making custom shirts for New Yorkers for over 25 years. His attention to detail and classically slim cuts have literally put his work in the spotlight: appearing in such award-winning Broadway shows as "Spring Awakening." We tailored some questions for him about the advantages of made-to-measure.

  • Goldberg only wears French cuffs with a suit.

Why should a guy go custom?

Some customers want details that can't be found off the rack and some just enjoy the experience. Mostly, it's for the fit. I do have some real physical misfits, but those are rare. Today most of the guys just want slim fitting shirts. In my opinion, sometimes too slim.


If he's going to order just two, what should they be?

A basic white and then a nice blue or a neutral stripe. You don't want someone to say 'hey, you're wearing that blue and purple striped shirt yet again.' Go for a tailored fit, but not too tight. You don't want your 50-year-old out of shape boss getting jealous over your physique. He'll make sure you never have time to work out.


What makes a good fabric?

Feel the fabric and look at the color. The richer the color, the more yarns in the fabric—meaning better fabric. Lightweight fabrics feel great, but wrinkle more. Non-iron shirts are the worst innovation in the last decade. The chemicals make 'em look cheap. I can spot a wrinkle-free fabric in two seconds.

Shirts from $95 (two shirt minimum order), at CEGO


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