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Jay Carroll is a master road-tripper. After cruising around the American Southwest, buying up 1970s Americana, he curated One Trip Pass, the successful pop-up at New York's Billy Reid shop. His latest trip began in his native New England and ended at Levi's San Francisco flagship, where he's amassed  a collection of vintage goods that are now for sale at an eclectic installation available through the holidays.


What can we expect at the shop?

You can just hang out. There's chairs, a curated book collection and tons of photographs from the trip by my friend Nate Bressler. We've got a mercantile collection of vintage clothing—Steve McQueen style jackets, denim cut offs—and little goods like mini harmonicas, a special Pendelton blanket, vintage flags and of course Classic 501s.


How'd you score
such an amazing gig?

At the One Trip Pass pop-up in New York, I met this incredible dude Rene, from Levis. One day, he called me up and said they wanted to do a road trip from east to west, culling items themed around the stars and stripes—how the flag has influenced different cultures, be it biker gangs, skaters, rodeo queens or furniture makers.


What's the secret to finding great places to eat while on the road?

Oh man, I don't eat well on the road. I was once on tour for two years with a southern rock band so I have a special place in my heart for the Waffle House. The secret is to ask the locals.


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