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Kai D. Fan

Kai D. Fan launched his eponymous line, Kai D. Utility, with the idea that clothing could be both practical and modern. Based in New York, the new label reflects a  nostalgic love of the city as well as sourcing materials from the unlikeliest of places. After the overwhelming reaction to the brand's pop-up shop this fall, the Lower East Side store has officially gone permanent.

Available at Kai D Utility, 75 Orchard St., New York


Why's it important to reflect NYC in your clothes?

Since we're based here, it's only natural to draw inspiration from such a rich culture and history. But much like New York, we view the line as a melting pot of influences from military and hunting to workwear and authentic Americana.


Tell us about your "Build the Future" project.

It's a group of limited edition tee shirts, bags and stationery which have these old school sketches on them, like an old subway map or an antique tool illustration. The proceeds support various education related projects by New York Cares and Give Something Back International.


What are some of the materials you're using?

Early century taping as jacket trims, Civil War Period suspenders attached to jeans, vintage metal and burnt horn buttons and then fabrics like washed linens for jacket.


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