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When we heard about Blackbird's newest shop, a small pop-up located behind the popular Seattle store, we had to know more about it. So we went to the source: owner and buyer Nicole Miller. Based off of (and named after) the south Seattle general store her grandmother used to shop at during the Depression, the place is stocked with everything from fashion and vintage gear to simple sundries and old fashioned groceries.

The Field House
5465 Leary Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107


What made you open a general store?

I wanted a place where things would slow down and you could connect with lost traditions. I'd been working on this idea for about two years and finally, it all came together for this space—but it'd only work if we added groceries. People just don't come down this street as much as they do Ballard Avenue.


How'd you decide which foods to bring in?

I wanted to carry what you might find in the little store on "Little House on the Prairie." Our neighborhood has no real market, so we'll offer farm fresh dairy and simple produce along with little treats and simple sandwiches. There's a need here for a lunch under $5.


If you had to pick ... favorite three pieces?

The Alden Indy Boot ($344), merino long johns by Filson ($85) and this great vintage blanket ($295).


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