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"Like many brilliant and misguided ideas, a few cocktails were involved," recalls Randy Goldberg when asked about the origins of the Pop-Up Flea. The temporary marketplace for all things masculine and American, it was founded this summer by the  Urban Daddy editor with his friend and fellow compatriot Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean.

The Pop-Up Flea runs 11/20-11-22, at Openhouse Gallery, 201 Mulberry St., New York.


The first flea was a celebration of All-American brands. Is that continuing?

There may or may not be a giant American flag on hand. Michael and I have a similar appreciation for Americana, but it's really about collecting some of our favorite things and most importantly, favorite people for a meeting of the minds.

Top, clockwise: The boys from Billykirk working the booth at the first flea; a one-off design by Rogues Gallery and a selvedge tie by the Hill-Side.


What newcomers are you excited for?

We have a great crop this time around. There's well established go-tos like J.Crew and Jack Spade, craftsmen like Tellason, Tanner Goods and The Hill Side and classics like Schott. Then we've got custom suit guys like Michael Andrews Bespoke and everyone is committed to doing something unique.

  • Yuengling, America's oldest brewery, will be on hand.

Can we expect you guys popping-up every season?

We definitely have plans for more soon. Michael and I have even been talking to some folks about a potential west coast swing too. For us, it's been great seeing so many people come out and interact with brands that they love and get their hands on some exclusive gear.


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