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This week, up-and-coming designer Robert Geller launches Seconds, his new line of T-shirts which includes six unisex pieces along with four shrunken styles just for the ladies. We caught up with Geller to learn more.

  • Before striking out on his own, Geller designed for Marc Jacobs and the ill-fated Cloak.

We always see you in T-shirts. Was this a way of creating the perfect one?

I do love T-shirts. The challenge was to create the perfect shirt at a competitive price and I'm really happy with the result. A T-shirt is something that you live in so it has to fit well and make you look cool. It also has to feel amazing.


So how'd you do it?

We found this amazing Japanese cotton blend that had just the right weight. We put it through a three-stage enzyme wash to break it down into the soft worn-in feeling of a nice vintage T-shirt. We have special seaming around the shoulder and armhole areas that make them look really great.


Do you see the line growing to include other items?

It's just starting off as T-shirts, but I have plans for it to grow into larger collection, with maybe hoodies and sweats—almost like Robert Geller athletic wear for the street.

$85 to 149, by Robert Geller


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