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1423 S. Congress Ave., Austin, TX
To order, call 512.373.7824

Life After Denim sweatshirt, $29 (on sale) and shorts, $68; Burkman Bros. belt, $80

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We never refuse a round of drinks. And that's just how we met the hospitable gents behind the men's shop Stag. Opening on Austin's popular Congress Avenue over the winter, the shop has hit its stride this summer and recently gave us a look around. Stocked with designer pieces from RRL, Rogues Gallery and Oliver Spencer, the shop also sells local goods (like HELM boots and Hamilton shirts) along with authentic workwear from such makers as Key, which has been clothing railroad workers and bricklayers for more than a century. Run by Ted Allen, Bobby Johns,  Joel Mozsersky, Steve Shuck and Don Weir—all of whom have a background in design and antiques—the shop is a red-blooded salute to a laid back American aesthetic. "We mix in lots of vintage finds like old guitar straps, bow ties, old school records and wallets from the '50s—even the fixtures and lights are for sale," says Weir. "It keeps it fresh while allowing our guy to discover more than just clothing when he's here." Can't get to Austin? Just give 'em a call. Or wait until this fall, when Stag launches e-commerce.

  • The shop fridge is always stocked with local Austin ale Fireman's 4.

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