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Few items of a man's wardrobe are as essential as a pair of jeans. This series offers up style tips and history lessons about America's greatest contribution to the world of fashion.
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The number of jeans sold each year ... in the United States alone.

The Essential Jean Lineup

Denim comes in a rainbow of colors and washes. Here are the four essential styles
that every man should consider. Presented in order of importance ...

Dark & Classic

Can a man survive with only one pair of jeans? Of course. And if you only have one pair, let them be raw, crisp and inky in color. With a straight cut, these classic jeans pair just as well with your favorite T-shirt and retro sneakers as they do with a blazer and tie.

The Range

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Worn-In & Casual

You can buy 'em washed and pre-distressed, but of course, the best broken-in jeans are the ones that you purchased dark (see above) and wore and washed until you realized you needed another raw pair. Soft as a pair of sweatpants, they can still be dressed up with an oxford cloth button down and a knit tie. And no jeans look better with a tweed jacket.

Black or Grey

Black jeans can be tricky to pull off, but a pair of grey jeans has become something of a contemporary classic in the last few years. A trim pair with a slightly relaxed fit can stand in for a pair of flannel trousers—looking just as sharp with a fresh white shirt and a navy blazer or a chunky fisherman's sweater.

Bright & White

White jeans aren't for every guy—they take a bit of confidence. And stocky or shorter guys can have a harder time pulling them off. But when they work, they work well—offering up a clean, crisp look that pairs particularly well with dark, solid sweaters, khaki blazers and desert boots. They may be hard to find this time of year, but don't be afraid of a little winter white. "I wear them year round, though I do try to avoid the rainy days," says designer Victor Glemaud.







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