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Christene Barberich


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What kind of style do you look for in a guy?

Too often men either fall into one of two categories: Feeling overwhelmed/disinterested in finding pieces that really suit them; or trying to dress like someone they're not. Guys who genuinely get their own style are always off to a great start.


The Female Perspective:

Christene Barberich

The first date spectrum: How should he dress?

Err on the side of being slightly over-dressed, because any girl loves to see a little extra effort. This is where great staples come in—pieces that show a solid style constitution: a well-cut blazer, clean and simple dark-wash jeans (No pocket designs, ever!) and some great shoes all show he cares about the details and he's not afraid to invest in something that's worth it.

Most acceptable jewelry
on a man:

A watch that he truly loves and maybe one other piece of sentimental jewelry, like a signet ring. But it's gotta be understated.

Pro or Con?

Pro. Pro. Pro. A bow-tie doesn't have to be worn with seersucker suits. It can honestly be pulled off in a very casual, sincere way, and I'm way into that.

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