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Jazzi McGilbert

The first date spectrum: How should he dress?

Keep it comfortable and classic. First dates and job interviews (essentially the same thing, right?) are two of the worst places to try a "new you." A clean black T-shirt or a relaxed (seriously, not too stiff) button down shirt and some dark wash denim will take you almost anywhere. Focus instead on good hygiene—take a long shower or brush your teeth for that extra minute.

What kind of style
do you look for?

I guess my type is the nerd-meets-skater thing. He's usually a little rough around the edges and in a T-shirt and jeans, with a beanie and glasses. That's not to say I appreciate pseudo-intellect, if you can't talk the talk, don't keep a book in your back pocket. No really, I saw a guy at a party with a copy of Gatsby in his back pocket once and the spine didn't even look cracked.

Most acceptable jewelry on a man:

I really prefer an understated keepsake with a story behind it over anything store-bought. Unless he really knows what he's doing, just about anything else is trying too hard and looks awkward. Basically, if you tell me your Grandma knit that ugly scarf, you get bonus points for the sentiment.

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