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Roxana Altamirano


Founder and editor of style blog/shopping guide Nerd Boyfriend.


Los Angeles, CA

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The Female Perspective:

Roxana Altamirano

A guy's jeans look best when they're:

Dark and raw. I can appreciate worn and lived-in, but I'm a bigger fan of crisp and sophisticated. If there were a way to combine denim and corduroy, I'd be all for it.

The first date spectrum:
How should he dress?

If a guy on a date can be mistaken for an architecture student or an archaeology professor, it goes a long way in my book.

Bow tie: Pro or Con?

Pro. It takes a confident masculinity to wear a bow tie.

How can guys look better
at the office?

Getting a few new ties once in a while sounds good. I love when people lay out their clothes the night before a big event, like a little kid. I wish everyone had that much excitement and anticipation for their work day.

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