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  • The label's blog features old school polo photos, including a young Mr. Sternberg.

Band of Outsiders 2.0

This is not a polo shirt. Okay, yes it is. And a damn nice one. That's just the tongue-in-cheek name for Band of Outsiders' new polo label. But don't go calling it a diffusion line, just because the Crayloa-colored shirts will cost you less than Band's main line. "Polos are this huge iconic, err, thing in the tiny little world of guys' clothes," says designer Scott Sternberg. "So, I thought they warranted their own platform." In typical Band style, he takes that classic iconography, studies and twists it; then sits back quietly while the wearer appreciates the subtle tweaks and updates. In this case, it was utilizing rare Japanese machines to achieve fabric that looks and feels vintage without falling apart. We were happy to find the shirts were more forgiving than a typical Band button-down. "But they are relatively slim to what's out there," he says. "They're easy to wear but not sloppy." The other big development is that they're available at the brand's new online shop—an innovative drag-and-drop site that Sternberg wanted to be "tactile, weird and a little fun."

$135 to $175, at Band of Outsiders


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