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L.L. Bean Signature's fall collection debuts in stores and online on Monday. The follow up to the wildly successful debut line, the range is a rich blend of autumnal textures—tweeds, chunky knits and rustic flannel. We called up designer Alex Carleton to learn a bit more.

The line will be available online
on August 2


Coolest piece unearthed in the archives?

A shearling lined duck hunting jacket from the 30s. This yellowed letter was in the pocket. The original owner had outlined where the coat had been—from fishing trips in Maine to airplane journeys across Alaska. I was handling history and it was unusually emotional to think about what this man's life was like with that coat.


Speaking of coats, the outerwear for fall is really something.

Outerwear is a challenge. I had these stacks of incredible, vintage L.L. Bean catalogs. It was overwhelming. But then I stood back, put my merchandising goggles on and said, "Our guy needs something over a suit and then something on the weekend." Basically, I tried to create some modern classics.


The collection seems more dressed up. Is that just fall?

Fall was the right time to introduce a smarter point of view in tailored pieces. I love the combination of rugged texture with structured elements. Thinking about Maine in the fall makes me yearn for Hudson Bay Blankets and hand-knit sweaters.  I wanted to bring that feeling of the country into the city. It's that juxtaposition between vintage L.L. Bean and more modern shapes and fits.

  • Carleton was born and raised in New England.

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