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Brad Bennett's Commerce with a Conscience blog features the best in sustainable and ethical style. In an industry not terribly renowned for its green friendly practices, this can be a tall order at times.


In environmental sustainability, Europe's ahead of the US, is that the case in fashion?

Yes. At least for men. So many American brands put far too much emphasis on the eco properties, and far too little on the actual design. It's a big problem, and one of the key reasons why "eco-fashion" is struggling to find a wider audience with guys. It definitely makes my job a little harder.

  • Brad maintains he was not a slacklining barefoot hippie in college. We're taking him at his word.

Reclaimed sunglasses, $22


You hardly look like the "sustainable" sort. What lead to your interest in the subject?

Years ago, when I wasn't able to afford much, I decided to only buy things I could count on lasting. I was also learning a lot about the state of the planet and the corporate evils that got us here. While my financial situation has since changed, my preoccupation with quality and product longevity—and my refusal to support companies whose ethics lie outside of my own—still stands.


At what point did your interest morph into the site?

I saw a void. There are a lot of great menswear sites, but few ever delve into where the products are made or what they're made of. There are also a lot of "eco" sites, but few share my aesthetic and none of them focus specifically on men's clothing. CWAC is meant as the best of both worlds. All of the items are on-trend, but also on-point socially.

J.Press American-made belt, $30


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